Hello world!

This is my first ever attempt at blogging so forgive me if I go astray. I always wanted to be a writer but my problem was that you can never be sure if anyone will ever read what you’ve written. Notebooks sit on desktops and essays are read only by your teacher so does the fact that you know who your audience will be influence what you write?Who knows? The fact that, with a blog your audience (if any) is totally anonymous, could be just what I need.

My blog will be full of random thoughts about life, liberty, politics, hunting and hiking and just getting along in this crazy world. I don’t care if anyone reads it. And if people read it and hate it then so be it.

In the past, people weren’t afraid to put their thoughts and beliefs on paper. Correspondence was by letter and you might be surprised to read some of the letters written by people throughout history. Deepest thoughts, romantic revelations and personal attacks were commonly expressed without thought of whether those words would come back to haunt the writer. That could be a thing of the past if not for the anonymity of these blogs and “Al Gore’s World Wide Web”!

Anyway, I’m a red blooded American who believes in freedom and the American way of life. Love it or leave it, Don’t Tread On Me, Give me liberty or give me death and all of that. Like many people, I am tired of the powerful folks with all of the money being in charge of everything. Republicans and Democrats alike are corrupt and seek only to enhance their power and wealth. I belong to a union but disagree with almost everything they stand for. Call me a hippocrite but you have no choice as to whether you pay the union dues and if you don’t want to join you just don’t get to vote on union matters, you still pay the money.

So, that’s it for now. I have to get out in the real world today and do “stuff” that needs to be done. I would hate to waste a beautiful day like today on this crap.

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